South African No Deposit Online Casinos

All South African casinos offer exciting bonuses that you can use to boost your casino experience. There are different types of bonuses, and one of the most popular is the no deposit bonus. With this bonus you can play your favorite casino games without spending from your bankroll for the duration of the bonus. Finding the right South African no deposit casino for you may be a difficult task. That is why we have listed out for you the top South African no deposit online casinos here.

Ranking the Top South African No Deposit Online Casinos: Our Criteria

We have our own criteria for scrutinizing and listing the top South African no deposit casinos for you. All data that we collect about these casinos is analyzed thoroughly by our team of experts, who have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Basically, we rank the casinos based on the following:

  • No deposit bonuses: We list only the casinos with the best no deposit bonuses.
  • Reputation: You will find only the South African online no deposit casinos with the best reputations on our site.
  • Security: The casinos on our list are completely secure and guarantee a safe gaming experience.
  • Performance: All South African no deposit casinos on our list score high on performance, be it in terms of game range, features, payment methods, or any other such important criteria.

Cta Leo

Top South African No Deposit Casino

You can find this bonus at Gday casino. When you sign up with this casino, you get 50 free spins. You can start using these free spins even before you deposit funds into your casino account. There are a few terms and conditions attached to the bonus, though:

  • This bonus is for NetEnt’s South Park Reel Chaos Slot only.
  • The maximum cashout for this bonus is $100.
  • To cash out your winnings you need to meet the wagering requirements of 35x.

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Blacklisted South African No Deposit Casinos

Where there are good online casinos, there are also bound to be a few bad ones. We believe we cannot be the best in the business by only telling you which are the good ones; it becomes our duty to also point out the few bad ones.

Our analysts and experts review and research South African no deposit casinos across a number of parameters; only the best make it to our ‘top casinos’ list. There are a few that did not pass our scrutiny and came up way short of clearing our checklist. We list these casinos in this section. We call this list the blacklist, and the South African no deposit casinos that feature here are ones you should avoid.

Brief History of Online Casino Gambling in South Africa

Gambling has in recent times been big business in South Africa. One single fact confirms this: we are the African country with the highest number of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos in the African continent. Given this background, it would only seem natural for South African players to latch on to online casino gambling, especially as it made gambling so easy, convenient, and so much fun. There were so many benefits:

  • Ability to play directly from your home
  • Good selection of games – slots, card games, table games, video poker, jackpots, and more
  • Cool and fun bonuses and promotions
  • Completely secure environment

Gambling in South Africa was always highly regulated, actually from as long back as since 1673. The Gambling Act of 1965 banned all forms of gambling, except horse racing, which was considered a sport. But gambling still existed in the form of illegal casinos in the bantustans, including Bophuthatswana, Transkei, Ciskei, and Venda. The abolition of apartheid in the 1990s and the formation of the new democratic government led to the adoption of a new constitution that legalized gambling. The first licensed casino was established in 1996 with the passing of the National Gambling Act.

Soon 40 licensed land-based casinos came up, but Internet casino gambling was still illegal. Things changed a bit with the passing of an updated National Gambling Act of 2004, and after the National Gambling Amendment Act of 2008, Internet gaming was finally made available to the South African players. Now, there are quite a few South African casinos with cool no deposit bonuses that you can play at to increase your bankroll and have a fun gaming experience.

Our Parameters for Testing and Listing the Best South African No Deposit Casinos

As mentioned earlier, choosing the best South African no deposit casino can be a difficult task for you, especially given that there are so many things that come into play. It may seem very easy: the best South African no deposit casino is the one that offers the best no deposit casinos. However, that is quite far from the truth; there are a number of other criteria that go into determining the top South African no deposit online casinos.

We are able to do this quite easily because we have on board a team that is quite familiar with the entire process. These experts review the casinos on numerous parameters; only the ones that score high on all or at least most of these parameters make it to our best-ranking list. The different parameters we check for include:

  • No deposit bonuses: Obviously this criterion gets the topmost priority; after all we are looking to list the top South African no deposit casinos. The casinos are analyzed for the no deposit bonuses they offer: the no deposit amount, the terms and conditions attached to them, the number of free spins, and related information.
  • Other bonuses: We also review the casinos for the remaining bonuses on offer. We do not want to list a casino that has just a fantastic no deposit bonus and nothing much in terms of the other bonuses on our toppers list.
  • Games: The kind and number of games on offer is also critical; we cannot list a casino that you get bored of playing a short span of time after you sign up and exhaust your no deposit bonus. Our experts review the no deposit casinos for their game range as well and list only those with a good selection of games.
  • Jackpots: Jackpots can be the difference between your regular life and that of a luxurious one. That is why we look at this aspect of online casino gambling as well while reviewing and listing the top South African no deposit bonus casinos.
  • Payment methods: Another seemingly small but very important criterion that our experts check casinos for is the number of payment methods on offer and whether these methods are the best for South African players. It would be awkward to for us to say a particular casino is one of the best South African no-deposit casinos only for you to find out their payment methods don’t exactly work the best for South African players. All casinos on our list also have payment methods suited to the needs of the South African player.
  • Fairness: Our experts factor in fair play when reviewing the South African no deposit online casinos to put on the lists. All casinos ranked in our list are audited and certified for fair play and randomness.
  • Safety and reliability: Safety is a key aspect of online casino gambling for every casino fan; that is why it is on the list of features our analysts and experts check out while reviewing South African no deposit casinos. All casinos on our toppers list use advanced digital encryption technology and firewalls to guarantee complete safety to players.

Best Payment Methods for South African No Deposit Casinos

The best thing about South African no deposit casinos from a player’s point of view is that they accept and make payments in South African Rands (ZAR). So what are the best payment methods you can adopt to make deposits and withdrawals at South African no deposit casinos? We list the top payment methods at these casinos here.

Most online casinos accept deposits through credit cards, e-wallets, direct bank transfer, and pre-paid cards. The best South African no deposit casinos accept payments through the following methods:

  • E-wallets: The e-wallets that most South African no deposit accept easily include:
    • PayPal
    • NETeller
    • Skrill

PayPal is very popular because it allows players to make payments in South African Rands (ZAR). This is true of the other 2 e-wallets mentioned here.

  • Instant banking/direct bank transfer: This is a popular choice if you have linked your personal bank account to your casino account. All you need to do is then transfer the money directly from your bank to your casino account. Again, payments are made in ZAR. Another popular instant banking method used in South African no deposit casinos is POLi.
  • Credit cards: Credit cards are a popular choice among players having them. It is possible that some players may not be using credit cards, or having them but not using them for casino-related transactions. The most popular credit cards at South African casinos are Visa and MasterCard.
  • Pre-paid cards: If you are not comfortable using any of the methods mentioned above, pre-paid cards are also accepted at South African casinos. You can buy these pre-paid cards with ZAR and then use them to deposit funds into your casino account. The pre-paid cards that are popular at South African no deposit casinos are:
    • Ukash
    • PaySafeCard

The best payment methods to use at South African no deposit casinos for withdrawing funds are usually the ones you used to deposit them in the first place. This is true especially of credit cards and direct bank transfers. This is because your personal details for these methods are already there with the casino so there is no need for you to furnish fresh details again. However, you must also check whether these methods are available for withdrawal in the first place. Many a time the deposit method used is not available as a withdrawal method.

South African Online No Deposit Casino FAQs

Can I play at a South African no deposit casino?

You can play at a South African no deposit casino as long as you are over the legal age for gambling, which is 18 years.

How safe are South African online casinos?

South African online casinos are usually safe to play at. It is a good idea to do a prior check before getting on board one of them. You could just go through the casinos we list; these are the best no deposit online casinos for South African players. They use advanced digital encryption technology, including 128-bit SSL encryption and also firewalls to protect your money and personal data.

Are South African online casinos licensed by the proper licensing authorities?

Yes, all the top South African no deposit online casinos are licensed by the licensing authority of the province they belong to.

What are the devices from which I can play at South African online casinos?

South African online casinos allow play from Macs and PCs. Some may allow play from both these types of computers, while some may allow only PC-based gaming. The top South African no deposit casinos allow play from either of these devices. Nowadays, there are quite a few casinos that also allow mobile-based gaming: you can access these casinos from your smartphone or tablet, be it on the iOS platform or the Android platform.

Can I just keep whatever I win with my no deposit bonus at South African online casinos?

South African no deposit online casinos, like all other casinos offering no deposit bonuses, have wagering requirements and other criteria that you have to fulfill to be able to use the bonuses effectively. Other requirements in some of the casinos include you making a minimum deposit after you have won money using the no deposit bonus to be able to redeem a capped portion of your win.